See our video surprising the 2016 Live Big schlolarship recipients:

We are thankful to be able to give away almost $50,000 this year to students LIVING BIG. Chance always had an eye out for people to help. Thanks to each one of you who bought a shirt or gave in any way to make this happen in our boy's honor. We love you all and we continue to be struck down but not destroyed. We will see him again. I want to share something I received this week that means so much: "I'm in an advanced public speech class this semester. My first speech has to be about an event that changed my life with teachable application for the audience. I will be talking about how Chance's life impacted me. How he was the coolest dude around but that never prevented him from showing love to other people. I'm really thankful for the way I saw Chance love people. I was pretty blind to it in highschool and I took it for granted. But looking back I can see it so vividly. It reminds me of 1 John 4. That we should love others as we are loved. And Chance did that well. Know that Chance still impacts my life today. I hope y'all are doing well. Thanks for raising an awesome son and friend."