Chance Clifton lived big. He laughed big. Most of all, he loved big. Chance was abundantly fun, full of life, and always adventurous. Because of Chance’s big heart and zest for life, The Chance Clifton LIVE BIG Foundation has been established to help others live big, too. Chance's big life is the reason this foundation exists, but make no mistake, Christ is right at the center of it. Because there's only ONE number 1 that counts.

Chance's football number, #1, is symbolic in many ways. Chance believed that there was 1 LIFE, 1 GOD, and just 1 CHANCE to get it right. He believed life on earth was meant to be truly lived. Through this foundation, Chance's life will continue to impact people, encouraging all of us to love God and LIVE BIG! Because the biggest life of all is yet to come.